Mac pro

Mac pro Custom

Custom and updated with 12 cores 3.2GHz, 64Go Ram plus SSD drives, UAD 2 Octo pcie card, Lynx Aurora AES pcie card.

Pair of Barefoot MM35

Pair of Barefoot MM35 Gen2 Monitors

Generation 2 including NS10, Auratones and Hifi simulator.

Mastering gear list

Mastering gear list

  • Prism Lyra Converters (better clipping and clarity than Bomber and many other high end converters)
  • Rockruepel 2 ultra fast Vari-Mu stereo mastering compressor
  • Hendy Amp Michelangelo all tubes stereo Eq
  • Foote Comp System P3EX VCA stereo mastering compressor with RMS mode
  • Maselec MPL-2 analog limiter and Hi Freq Limiter
  • Pendulum PL-2 analog Peak limiter
  • Dangerous Music Stereo Bax Eq
  • Pair of AML Pultec MEQ-5 Clones Modified with Jensen transformers and NOS Tubes
  • Parallel and Mid/Side Avenson loop for the MEQ-5
  • Pair of Maag Eq2
  • Bettermaker eq502p remote (Stereo Pultec eq with automation and recall)
  • Custom MS matrix mastering grade for Eq2 and eq502p.- Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph VCA comp.
Stems Mixing gears list

Stems Mixing gears list

  • Lynx Aurora 8 converters
  • Radial Lunch Box for 500 to power modules
  • Pair of CAPI VP312 (API original design based)
  • Ubk Fatso EL7 Empirical Labs buss compressor
  • Elysia Stereo Nvelop (Advanced transient designer dynamic shaper)
  • Chandler Limited TG2 abbey road stereo preamps (best electrifying preamps for guitars and lead synths)
  • Pair of Empirical Labs Distressors EL8-X (the must have compressor since the 90’s for electro/rock sounds)
  • Parallel Avenson loop for the Distressors
  • Inward Connection The Brute 2 stereo Limiter (a solid state Vac Rack, renowned Fairchild like)
  • Pair of « Golden » dbx 902 Deesser/HF limiter
Plugins list

Plugins list

Likely all plugins on earth !

  • Most of UAD2 plugins
  • All Steven Slate’s plugins
  • Plugin Alliance / Brainworx
  • Fabfilters plugins
  • Izotope
  • Cranesong
  • Waves
  • …List is too long !