Mixing & Mastering Hardware list

Mixing & Mastering Hardware list

  • Dangerous Music Convert AD+ mastering grade converter
  • Dangerous Music Convert-8 mastering grade converters
  • Dangerous Music stereo mastering compressor
  • Dangerous Music 2-Bus+
  • Louder Than Lift Off Silver Bullet
  • Avenson Parallel loop for the Louder Than Lift Off Silver Bullet
  • Avenson Mid/Side loop for the Dangerous Mastering compresor
  • Antelop Audio Synergy Core 8 Soundcard
  • Cranesong HEDD 192 mastering grade converter
  • Mutec MC-4 digital format converter
  • Foote Comp System P3EX VCA stereo mastering compressor with RMS mode
  • Maselec MPL-2 analog limiter and Hi Freq Limiter
  • Pendulum PL-2 analog Peak limiter
  • Dangerous Music Stereo Bax Eq
  • Heritage Audio OST10 with the following pairs of 500 modules: Bettermaker EQ542 Stereo Eq, Elysia Nvelop, Bart HRK EQ550, Bart HRK C544 Color modules (LTLO Neve, HRK American Tube, HRK Germanium, HRK SSL)
Pair of Focal Trio 11 and Trinnov ST2-Pro

Pair of Focal Trio 11 Monitors and Trinnov ST2-Pro

Trinnov ST2-Pro to correct the room acoustic, resulting in a perfect listening condition, mastering grade quality.

Mac pro

Mac pro Custom

Custom and updated with 12 cores 3.2GHz, 64Go Ram plus SSD drives, UAD 2 Octo pcie card, Lynx Aurora AES pcie card.

Plugins list

Plugins list

The latest and highest quality plugins available:

  • Most of Acustica Audio and Quantica plugins
  • Most of UAD2 plugins
  • All Steven Slate’s plugins, SSD5.5 and Expansions
  • All Plugin Alliance / Brainworx
  • Fabfilters plugins
  • Many Waves plugins
  • Most of Izotope plugins
  • Oeksound Soothe, Spiff
  • Liquid Sonics Seventh Heaven Pro, Illusion,Reverberate
  • Valhalla Room, Shimmer, Delay
  • All Vengeance Plugins
  • Fabfilters plugins
  • Mastering the Mix Reference, Bassroom
  • Nembrini PSA-1
  • Fabfilters plugins
  • …List is too long !
MIDI Controllers

MIDI Controllers

  • Presonus Atom
  • Vochlea voice to midi
  • Raven MTI 1
Microphones and preamps

Microphones and preamps

  • Slate VMS-1 Static Mic and Preamp
  • Louder Than Liftoff Silver Bullet stereo Preamps
  • Shure SM7 and SM58
Virtual Instruments & Samples List

Virtual Instruments & Samples list

The latest and highest quality Virtual Instruments and Sample Libraries

  • UVI Falcon + nearly every expansions/synths from them
  • Vengeance Avenger and many expansions
  • UVI Falcon, Vintage Vault 3 and many expansions
  • Xfer Serum
  • Lennard Digital Sylenth1
  • U-He DIVA, Zebra HZ, Bazille & Repro-1
  • KVR335 Synthmaster + All expansions
  • Native Instrument Kontakt, Reaktor, Maschine + Various Libraries
  • 2To of personnally curated loops and one shots samples selections
  • …List is wayyyyyy too long again!!!
Desk, chair and Acoustic Treatement

Desk, chair and Acoustic Treatement

  • Desk by Northward Systems, the highend studio furniture brand from http://www.northwardacoustics.com
  • Acoustic Isolation and Treratments by https://vicoustic.com/professional-audio
  • Phantom Focus eChair imported by https://www.masteringworks.com/shop-en/accessories-en/phantomfocus-echair-raven-chrome/